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Basic Electronics and Programming


This class will cover the basic subjects of Electronics and Computer Science.  This class will begin with basic electronic concepts, such as voltage/current, resistors, capacitors, transistors, and integrated circuits.  Additionally, there will be a rudimentary section for reading and generation of circuit schematics.  Once basic electronics have been understood, the application of that knowledge will be applied to basic programming using a microprocessor evaluation kit (provided for each student).  The final section of the class will tie all knowledge learned to give the student the opportunity to take and pass an Amateur Radio (ham) license.   

The class will consist primarily of home reading assignments and in class “hands on” labs.  There will be exams and/or projects as needed.

Teacher: Ken Edwards


The student must have a basic knowledge of Algebra (variable substation and order of operations).  Here are a few test questions to gauge if the student has the prerequisites

  1. Given E=I*R; and E=5 and R=100, can you find I ?
  2. Solve (5*2)-((-1*6)+(4*3))
  3. What is the square root of 9 ?
  4. What is the square of 2 ?
  5. 2 Mwatts = ___________ Watts
  6. 0.06 Watts = __________mWatts

The student must have access to a computer running Windows 7 or greater with at least 2 GB of RAM and 2 GB of free space.  If the student prefers Linux or MacOS, please check for requirements before class.


Basic Electronics by Gene McWhorter (Author), Alvis J. Evans (Author)

Physical Science


This course will be using Apologia Exploring Creation with Physical Science by Wile. The focus will be a 2 hour class with lab time including review of the material covered that week.  Sixteen modules cover atoms and molecules, atmosphere, water composition and properties, the hydrosphere, earth and the lithosphere, weather and thermal energy, physics of motion, gravitational & electromagnetic forces, atomic structure, waves and sound, light and more. Labs will be conducted during class time investigating topics covered.  This course is appropriate for 8th or 9th grade and credits can be applied to high school credits.  As a part of HARC, this class is a prerequisite to Biology and Chemistry.

Pre-Requisites : None

Text : Exploring Creation with Physical Science by Wile (2nd edition) text and test/solutions book

Instructor: Laurie Torres

Springs Christian Theatre

Springs Christian Theatre is an extra curricular drama opportunity for public, private & home schooled students ages 8 and up to learn performance skills and teamwork through musicals and plays. Each semester class focuses on learning basic acting skills and culminates with a performance. For more information, contact Tiffany Schmidt at

Springs Christian Theatre presents…

“Acorns to Oaks”

Thursday, February 20, 7 PM – canceled due to inclement weather

Friday, February 21, 4 PM – New show time!

Friday, February 21, 7 PM

The Shepherd’s Church

6051 Tryon Rd, Cary

Enter through the WEST rounded portico and follow the signs to The Lodge – 2nd floor of Children’s Center.

Synopsis: This musical takes place at Promise Land Farm, where some farmers teach the Parable of the Sower to several farmhands who don’t know a thing about farming, or how it relates to the gospel. Using Matthew 13, the farmers teach the farmhands not only how to plant seeds, but also how to let the Word of God take root and grow in their hearts.

FREE Admission. It’s about 70 minutes long with creative characters, upbeat songs and a lasting message! A wonderful message for an audience of all ages. Hope you can join us.

Questions? Contact:

Facebook: Springs Christian Theatre

Instagram: springstheatre07

Tiffany Schmidt

Director, Springs Christian Theatre

“Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the ‘springs’ of life.” – Proverbs 4:23

Musical Theatre Class with Springs Christian Theatre

October 7, 2019 – February 24, 2020
Monday’s 3:30 – 5:30 PM
The Shepherd’s Church (The Lodge)
Ages 8-16
Production: final week of February

Parent info meeting and auditions/get to know each other group activities:
Monday, Sept 30, 3:30-5:30
3:30 – 4:00 parents & students
4:00 – 5:30 students only

$10/audition fee (due Sept 30)
$40/month tuition (due Oct – Feb)

To audition:
• Email name & age of student by Friday, 9/27 to Tiffany Schmidt @
• Attend parent meeting @3:30 on Mon, 9/30 in Colonial Corners 
• If you are trying for a speaking role, come with minute or less monologue (poem, speech, character from a book or favorite movie) — You could also prepare something with a sibling or friend. — Have fun with this!! 
• If you are trying for a solo or duet, come with a minute or less song. (Any praise song you know well is great!)
• If not trying for speaking/singing roles, you do not have to audition alone. You can participate in the group scenes and song choreography.
• Only a small part of auditions will be singing/speaking.  Most of time will be group activities, getting to know each other, acting games, & learning song choreography.

Commitment/Volunteers: Each family needs to have someone available to commit to helping put on our production. Volunteers interested in helping with various areas are welcome to contact me.

Volunteers/Questions?: contact Tiffany Schmidt or

Homeschool Graduation

The homeschool graduation is in great need for help this year. We need adults who have enjoyed the blessings of the graduation as well as wish to see this tradition continued for the homeschool community at Colonial Baptist. Here are the areas of need:

  • Coordinate morning breakfast – assist Carolyn Cuany (need 2)
  • Coordinate ceremony – assist Beth Grose (need 2)
  • Coordinate communication for graduates
  • Edit biographies and coordinate slide show
  • Help with assigning and overseeing volunteers

If you would like to help out and join our team, please contact Beth Grose at or call 919.616.1759.