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Basic Electronics and Programming


This class will cover the basic subjects of Electronics and Computer Science.  This class will begin with basic electronic concepts, such as voltage/current, resistors, capacitors, transistors, and integrated circuits.  Additionally, there will be a rudimentary section for reading and generation of circuit schematics.  Once basic electronics have been understood, the application of that knowledge will be applied to basic programming using a microprocessor evaluation kit (provided for each student).  The final section of the class will tie all knowledge learned to give the student the opportunity to take and pass an Amateur Radio (ham) license.   

The class will consist primarily of home reading assignments and in class “hands on” labs.  There will be exams and/or projects as needed.

Teacher: Ken Edwards


The student must have a basic knowledge of Algebra (variable substation and order of operations).  Here are a few test questions to gauge if the student has the prerequisites

  1. Given E=I*R; and E=5 and R=100, can you find I ?
  2. Solve (5*2)-((-1*6)+(4*3))
  3. What is the square root of 9 ?
  4. What is the square of 2 ?
  5. 2 Mwatts = ___________ Watts
  6. 0.06 Watts = __________mWatts

The student must have access to a computer running Windows 7 or greater with at least 2 GB of RAM and 2 GB of free space.  If the student prefers Linux or MacOS, please check for requirements before class.


Basic Electronics by Gene McWhorter (Author), Alvis J. Evans (Author)

Physical Science


This course will be using Apologia Exploring Creation with Physical Science by Wile. The focus will be a 2 hour class with lab time including review of the material covered that week.  Sixteen modules cover atoms and molecules, atmosphere, water composition and properties, the hydrosphere, earth and the lithosphere, weather and thermal energy, physics of motion, gravitational & electromagnetic forces, atomic structure, waves and sound, light and more. Labs will be conducted during class time investigating topics covered.  This course is appropriate for 8th or 9th grade and credits can be applied to high school credits.  As a part of HARC, this class is a prerequisite to Biology and Chemistry.

Pre-Requisites : None

Text : Exploring Creation with Physical Science by Wile (2nd edition) text and test/solutions book

Instructor : Laurie Torres

US History

American History: A Truthful Telling of one of the World’s Greatest Stories”

Will cover American History from 1400’s through the present! The good…the bad…and the ugly. We will approach America’s rich history through a lens of Biblical Truth with our only allegiance being to the Glory of God.

There is much to learn from our nation’s past, but only if we look at it accurately and honestly. America is indeed the greatest nation that has ever existed, but like each of us as individuals, it has a checkered past. Together, we will harvest both the good and the bad fruit and will learn deep and enduring truths from each.

Instructor: Steve Noble

Materials: TBA

SEEK Department Descriptions

Each of our SEEK departments has specific goals set by Department Coordinators with many years of homeschooling and SEEK leadership experience. Every semester our leadership team works with potential group leaders to provide the most interesting and informative groups for the children in our program. However, we cannot reach any of our objectives without volunteer group leaders – our members ultimately determine what groups we will offer each semester.

Nursery/Preschool Department
Children that have not yet turned 5 by September 1 of each school year are cared for in SEEK’s Nursery/Preschool Department. We offer five classrooms for this age group. Dragonflies (newborns) and Crickets (crawlers) provide nursery care. Honeybees (2’s), Praying Mantis (3’s) and Walking Sticks (4’s) provide preschool activities facilitated by a member lead teacher. Theme based, age appropriate curriculum is used to teach letter and number recognition, color and shape recognition, community helpers, simple science concepts, weather, beginning number and spatial concepts.

Early Elementary Department
The Early Elementary Department includes children age 5 to 7 (see Registration Policy for specific birth dates). Groups in this department have a maximum five to one child-adult ratio and generally do not assign homework. Children in this age group have a wide range of skills, so the most successful groups do not require reading proficiency but provide a variety of activities that center around a particular topic such as science, history, math, music, drama, weather, community, or art – classes that easily lend themselves to hands on learning. Group learning works best when structured with segments that move the children from one activity to the next, keeping children engaged for short periods of time. Physical education groups such as tumbling or playgrounds games are also popular.

Elementary Department
Our Elementary Department includes children age 8 to 10 (see Registration Policy for specific birth dates). Groups in this department begin to introduce more challenging topics and frequently assign homework. In this age group, students are transitioning to the next level of development, and independent thinking and reading is encouraged, as well as accountability in completing assignments. The most successful groups in this department include beginning lab science (e.g., Apologia’s Young Explorer Series), literature (e.g., book studies, Literature Pockets), history, beginning writing, art, geography, physical education, and a variety of electives which focus on creative thinking and development of beginning public speaking skills.

Middle/High Department
Our Middle/High Department includes children from age 11 up to graduation (see Registration Policy for specific birth dates). We offer three different kinds of groups in this department.

Middle School Only groups include children age 11 to 13 only, typically focus on core skills, and are designed to help prepare middle school children for high school. Apologia General and Physical Science, IEW writing, literature, and history are some of our most popular groups in this age range.

Middle/High School groups are open to all children age 11 to graduation and focus on enrichment and group activities rather than core skills. Popular groups in this age range include Worship Band, physical education, cooking, journalism, art, nutrition, public speaking, book clubs and photography.

High School Only groups are targeted to teens in grades 10-12 but are open to any teen age 14 and up. These groups are structured to supplement independent home study by offering an assignment schedule, reinforcement of material
through class discussion, and additional assignments when appropriate. Curriculum in these groups is chosen so that each semester can be counted as ½ high school credit and listed on a high school transcript if the student completes all the required assignments. In order to accomplish this, students will often need to begin the curriculum before the semester begins, complete assignments daily, and finish the curriculum after the semester ends.

We plan to offer four High School Only groups each semester. The four groups will include one literature, one worldview/ apologetics group, and two high school electives.

In the summer of 2010 we implemented a three-year rotation designed so that we will not repeat any High School Only groups within the three years (with the possible exception of worldview) so that high school students will have the opportunity to take a different course at SEEK every semester during their high school. High School Only groups generally do not fill to capacity, so returning member high school students can be confident that they will be able to enroll in the group of their choice.

Literature Rotation Schedule:
2013-2014: American Literature
2014-2015: British Literature
2015-2016: World Literature