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Setting up Schoology

How to Submit Assignments to Schoology


Online ConferenceAug. 25-27

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NCHE is excited to present Homeschooling with Confidence.

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PSAT Information

The College Board has a page for homeschoolers:


It includes a link to find schools that are administering the test. Here is link to find schools in your area:


It looks like a lot of middle schools will be administering the exam again this year. Your best chance might be going to one of them.

Even though the scores only count in the 11th grade, they also took it in 10th grade as a way to get practice in a real environment. It only cost $15 then, $17 now. (Public schools should not charge an additional fee for administering the exam.) It was at different middle schools each year. They had a positive experience at both.

Since schools do not start until the 17th, don’t be surprised if they do not have the information yet.



Article from HSLDA —  https://hslda.org/post/covid-19-relief-act-what-s-in-it-for-homeschoolers


Educational Bureaucracy and the Collapse of Civics | The American Spectator

Educational Bureaucracy and the Collapse of Civics




Two NC Legislative Updates–  Waiving of Annual Testing and Attendance         

The bill has passed and has been signed by the governor that waives annual testing for this school year. You also don’t have to keep attendance records beginning March 16.

Updates on HB 1047 & SB 706


8-12-2019   HARC article Taking Notes and Retention