The Homeschool Academic Resource Center (HARC) is a ministry designed to assist home schooling families as their students reach High School and is sponsored by The Shepherd’s  Church, Cary, NC. HARC is a central hub for locating tutors, providing academic field trips, group tutoring and science labs, and networking academic opportunities for students.

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HARC is directed by Beth Grose: ladywisdom2@gmail.com / 919-616-1759


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More About HARC

HARC (Homeschool Academic Resource Center) provides support and assistance in the rapidly growing community of homeschool education. It is an active member of this cohesive community of parents, students, experts, and resources so it can offer a program for families who decide to homeschool.

HARC is not a school. Participants are students in a registered homeschool, and parents are solely responsible for their students’ education. Therefore, parents are responsible to assure their participation in HARC complies with state law governing homeschools. HARC is designed to provide expert instructors in various fields of study. The HARC program is an extension to each family’s homeschool and works to help each family reach their educational goals. In addition to what your student learns at home, HARC provides the opportunity to participate in group activities such as labs, personal interaction with instructors and other students, class discussions, and other projects.

Each course is designed to assist the student to be a self-learner, with classroom materials, discussions, care and support, and motivation from the instructor.  Curriculums are designed for home study with activities such as homework, research, reading, and other educational projects. HARC instructors provide families with clear course descriptions, requirements, and curriculum guides to help them structure their educational goals and priorities for their students.

Grade levels do not define HARC so that students of different levels may plan an individual pathway and schedule of courses from all disciplines in the HARC program. The program is based on academic proficiency and some courses will have prerequisites. Most HARC courses are scheduled to last one year and tuition is charged for each course.

HARC is committed to both Christian principles and academic excellence. HARC is a ministry of the The Shepherd’s Church in Cary, North Carolina and operates under the doctrinal statement, philosophy and accountability of The Shepherd’s Church. We employ extremely capable, qualified, experienced, and most importantly, caring instructors who must undergo careful screening before becoming part of the staff.  The HARC instructors have many years of experience as practitioners in their specific disciplines. The ultimate goal of HARC is to help each family and student reach and complete their own educational goals with excellence.

About “honors” courses

Honors and college-level courses can help you learn the skills and habits you’ll need for success in college and beyond. They will allow you to develop:

  • Stronger writing skills
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Time-management skills
  • Discipline
  • Good study habits”

Being homeschooled encourages these skills.  Not only that but by taking HARC classes which meet only once a week, a student grows in discipline, time-management and study habits. Our classes encourage strong writing skills (even the sciences) and are problem-solving based.  We offer greater depth through the knowledge and skill of our instructors which is why our classes are considered honors level.