Newsletter Ad Submission

NOTE: All of these requests should be directed to Jonell Williams –

Newsletter Submission

You MUST be member of Shepherd’s Homeschoolers to submit an ad to the newsletter. Please follow the instructions below.

If you have something to communicate in the newsletter, please note the following:

  • Your ad should be approximately 300 characters or less. Note – that is 300 characters, not 300 words. I wrote a sample ad below that is exactly 300 characters to give you a rough idea of the length.
  • Your ad must include your name, and the means for people to contact you.

We will run your ad one time, but you may resubmit two additional times if it is still relevant.

Newsletter Guidelines

Only those who are part of our homeschool programs may submit content.

Examples of posts that qualify:

  • A member is posting an item or opportunity that he/she is personally offering.
  • A member is teaching a class in his/her home and wants to invite other homeschoolers.
  • A member has curriculum resources that he/she no longer needs and wants to sell them.

Third party or Organizations

  • If a member is posting on behalf of a third person or organization, the posting must be of specific interest to homeschoolers.

Example that is acceptable:

  • Someone wanted to post that a museum was offering free admission for homeschoolers.

Example that is not acceptable:

  • Someone wanted to post a general announcement that related to all families in the community.

*Postings on behalf of a third person or organization must be specifically related to homeschooling.


HOMESCHOOL YAHTZEE CAMP: I’m hosting some Yahtzee camps in my home several weeks this summer. There will be morning classes for children age 8-10 and afternoon classes for children age 11-14. All the classes are free. Both beginners and advanced Yahtzee experts are welcome. Contact me at Scott Wylie