SEEK New Member FAQ

Each semester, new families join the SEEK program. Here are some of the questions we frequently receive.

Who can apply to join SEEK?

  • New families must have at least one school age child (a child who will turn 5 by August 31) to participate in SEEK. All children from birth to age 18 can participate in our program. Due to limited space, we cannot accept families with preschool aged children only.
  • SEEK is a co-op that requires the participation of parents; therefore, a family is only allowed to register their own children and/or foster children.
  • As a courtesy to the many families who would like to join SEEK, please do not apply for a spot on the waiting list unless you are committed to joining SEEK.

When can I apply for a place on the waiting list?

The waiting list for the next semester opens at the end of the previous semester.

  • The fall semester waiting list opens at 12 pm on March 1.
  • The spring semester waiting list opens at 12 pm on October 1.
  • After each registration the waiting list will be erased – no names or numbers will be carried over to the next semester.

How do I apply?

  • In order to get on the waiting list, families must use the online application form available on the SEEK homepage.
  • Each family will be assigned a waiting list number according to the order of applications received after 12pm on the specified day. A limited number of spaces will be available on the waiting list as determined each semester.
  • Please review the Registration Policy and the Policies and Procedures Manual on the SEEK homepage before requesting a spot on the waiting list.

What happens after I apply?

  • You will receive a Confirmation email.
  • We will know if there is space for your family after our Member Registration.
  • Class Descriptions will be posted to the SEEK Portal and waiting list families will be asked to rank and submit their class preferences via the SEEK Portal.
  •  You will be notified via email regarding your application status.

What if I can’t attend the New Member meeting?

  • At least one parent must attend the New Member Orientation Meeting to register for SEEK. See SEEK Calendar via the SEEK Portal for New Member Orientation Meeting date.
  • If you cannot attend, please do not submit an application.

If I offer to lead a group, can I get off the waiting list?

  • Occasionally, families are allowed to get off the waiting list and guarantee a spot by leading a class. However, this is unusual and only happens if SEEK has an urgent need for a class leader in a specific department and no current members are available to fill the need.
  • In this circumstance, we will ask parents on the waiting list that have previously been members of SEEK, in order of their number on the waiting list, if they are willing to lead a class. We do not offer teaching spots to new members without previous SEEK experience.

Who do I contact for more information?

Send questions to