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Honors English 4 – British Literature

English 4 – British Literature


This honors-level British literature course covers literature selections and cultural issues from eight literary periods in light of scripture: Old English, Middle English, Tudor, Stuart, Neoclassical, Romantic, Victorian, and Modern. The collection traces English Christianity from it beginning to the present and studies Shakespeare’s drama Macbeth in its entirety.

We’ll be working through Bob Jones’s British Literature, which will be the only text required. Please be prepared to read and write extensively. This course moves quickly with little time for catching up. There will be weekly writing assignments, including creative assignments designed to mimic works we are studying, research assignments to further illuminate the culture these texts were created in, and response writings where students provide feedback as they interact with these seminal works of art. Although I will be providing instruction on MLA formatting, students should be confident writers who require little writing instruction. Individual feedback on essays will focus mostly on idea structure and expression of ideas as opposed to how to write paragraphs, etc. Students also will interact with college-level vocabulary and complete standard exams, including a mid-term and final.

“It’s boring!” you might say. “It’s all dead, white guys who don’t have anything to do with me” you might say. But you’d be wrong. Allusions to the great works of our literary forefathers abound. Dr. Who, Taylor Swift, Eminem, Mumford & Sons, MC Lars, Bastille, and Marilyn Manson have all pulled lyrics from famous works we’ll cover in this class. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Bob Dylan, J.D. Salinger, Star Trek, the Sandman series, and Lord of the Rings also have quotes, characters, and themes from British literature. If you don’t know the works these contemporary works are based on, you’re missing ideas the authors thought important enough to include.

Teacher: Missy Shearin



British Literature for Christian Schools 2nd Edition (ISBN-13: 978-1579249519 or ISBN-10: 9781579249519)

Available ONLY on Amazon or other second-hand merchants. As of March 1 there were 55 copies available, beginning at $6.08.





2015 Colonial Crowns Volleyball Clinics

Tuesday May 5th from 4:30 to 6:30 PM

Wednesday May 6th from 2 to 4 PM

Clinic will be run by Lindsay Benac

Lindsay Benac has been in the volleyball world for almost 20 years as a player, coach, and spectator. Lindsay’s club volleyball career is extensive, as she played for 10 years on an elite Southern Californian volleyball team that won gold at Jr. Nationals her 16s year. She earned Varsity letters all four years of high school, acting as captain for her Junior and Senior years and earning MVP Mobdro App and All CIF Team awards for those same years. Lindsay earned a full volleyball scholarship to play at NCSU, where she started as the Libero and captain from 2007-2010. Since then, she has coached club volleyball for 5 years, both in California and North Carolina. She has the reputation of taking beginner teams and making them a force to reckon with by the end of the season. Lindsay has coached all skill levels, but she mostly enjoys teaching the game to the younger kids.


Thursday May 7 from 4:30 to 6:30 PM

Friday May 8th from 4:30 to 6:30 PM

Clinic will be run by Keisha Demps

Keisha Demps graduated from the University of Arizona in 1998 after receiving a scholarship for both basketball and volleyball. After her sophomore year she left basketball to focus on her volleyball career. In 1997 Keisha was a member of the US National Team and competed for a roster spot for the 2000 Olympics. She excelled as a Middle Blocker for the University of Arizona, earning All PAC-10 honors, before going on to play professionally in Murcia, Spain and returned to the US to compete in the United States Professional League from 1999-2000. As a Middle Blocker/OH on the U.S. Dream Team she helped the team win the 2000 Millennium Cup. Keisha began her coaching career with the University of Nevada, and the St. Louis Quest professional team before moving on to Boise State. After serving as the Assistant Coach and Recruiting Coordinator at Boise State for three years Keisha and her family moved to Raleigh to begin her career at NC State. While at NCSU she served as the Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator. During her time at NCSU and after, Keisha coached juniors volleyball for NC Challengers and Club Red. While at Club Red she coached their 14 Red team and served as the Assistant Director/Parent Liaison.

The cost is $25/person for each two day clinic. If you sign up for both clinics, the cost is $50/person.

To register for one or both of these clinics, CLICK HERE.

Homeschool Graduation

The homeschool graduation is in great need for help this year. We need adults who have enjoyed the blessings of the graduation as well as wish to see this tradition continued for the homeschool community at Colonial Baptist. Here are the areas of need:

  • Coordinate morning breakfast – assist Carolyn Cuany (need 2)
  • Coordinate ceremony – assist Beth Grose (need 2)
  • Coordinate communication for graduates
  • Edit biographies and coordinate slide show
  • Help with assigning and overseeing volunteers

If you would like to help out and join our team, please contact Beth Grose at or call 919.616.1759.