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English 4


Senior writing for college: This course will focus on three aspects for high school seniors to prepare for college acceptance and writing skills.  The first part will be writing essays for college and scholarship applications.  Part two is research writing and presentation which is important for group projects.  Lastly, resume writing is key to applying for jobs.

This class will be more of a technical writing class for practical application.

Instructor: TBA


Homeschool Graduation

The homeschool graduation is in great need for help this year. We need adults who have enjoyed the blessings of the graduation as well as wish to see this tradition continued for the homeschool community at Colonial Baptist. Here are the areas of need:

  • Coordinate morning breakfast – assist Carolyn Cuany (need 2)
  • Coordinate ceremony – assist Beth Grose (need 2)
  • Coordinate communication for graduates
  • Edit biographies and coordinate slide show
  • Help with assigning and overseeing volunteers

If you would like to help out and join our team, please contact Beth Grose at or call 919.616.1759.

Homeschool Club Days

Registration is now open for Colonial Homeschool Club Days. Club Days is currently divided into a one-hour literature club where children will read and discuss great books and a second-hour current events club.

The goal of literature club is to create a family style relaxed environment while also providing a structured schedule, clear objectives, and high behavioral expectations for participants. Book discussions will be conversational in nature. Children will be encouraged to share their experiences and opinions with each other while parents help to facilitate and encourage discussion.

The goal of current events club is to talk about local, national, and world events using God’s World News resources (digital, print, and mobile resources) as a basis for discussion. Parents are required to purchase GWN for participation in the current events club. Access subscription services at or 1-800-951-KIDS (5437).

Club Days will meet a total of 8 Friday afternoons throughout the year. The Literature Club will meet from 2:00p.m. – 3:00p.m and the Current Events Club will meet from 3:00 p.m.- 4:00p.m.

Dates are as follows:

September 26, October 10, December 12, January 23, February 20, March 6, April 24, and May 8.

Club Days is free and open for children in kindergarten through high school. Although there is no charge, families are required to be Colonial Homeschoolers members. Once sign-up is complete, groups will be formed and divided based on factors such as age, grade, and reading /comprehension level. Ultimately, each family should decide for themselves which group best fits their child(ren). If you would like to participate in club days please register on Colonial Homeschoolers by August 20, 2014. For additional information, please contact Doug and Meg Burgin at

Spanish for Homeschoolers

Taught by Jan Castro

Middle School Spanish: 5th-8th grade students who want an opportunity to be exposed to Spanish conversation, vocabulary and bits of easy grammar concepts through hands-on activities and games while learning. Cost: $8 per student per class. One hour classes held once a week – approx. 24 weeks. 5-10 students. No textbooks required.

Spanish 1: 9th-12th grade students who need a foreign language for high school credit. There will be at least 3 days of homework each week. The class consists of mostly grammar and vocabulary lessons with some conversations using Abeka curriculum. New concepts will be introduced in small doses, building upon what has already been learned.

Spanish 2 is open to those completing Spanish 1, or for those who can pass the placement test (for those who have not previously used Abeka’s Spanish 1). With at least 3 days of homework each week, Spanish 2 continues to add more verb tenses and helps the students build more complex sentence structures to their Spanish abilities.

Spanish 3 is open to those completing any Spanish 2 curriculum. It will involve a lot more conversation, reading, writing and speaking of Spanish grammar and vocabulary learned from previous years and applying it to daily life. Using the official study guide, students will also be prepared to take the Spanish CLEP test given by the College Board for college credit.

Cost: High School classes: $360 per student for the year (easy payments available; sibling discount available). Students will purchase their own textbooks.

For more information, including class days/times and host locations for this next year, contact Jan Castro at Jan’s resume, teaching philosophy and references are also available upon request.