Spanish 3


Spanish 3 students learn to communicate in past, present, present perfect, conditional, and future tenses, as well as in the subjunctive mood. This year-long course builds upon the knowledge gained in Spanish 1 and 2 and counts as one year of high school Spanish 3. Students complete various written and speaking projects to communicate at a more advanced level. Students expand their vocabulary, learn advanced Spanish idioms, and use multiple verb tenses. In this course, students will interact with authentic Spanish sources that appeal to their interests including newspapers, podcasts, devotionals, interviews, music, digital readers, movie clips, and literature, as they develop better fluency. This course includes projects, a midterm, and final exam.

The typical minimum college language requirement is two consecutive years of a single foreign language. Many selective colleges require three to four years of a foreign language.

Teacher: Laurel Solorzano


Spanish 1 and 2


Please purchase the textbook used (or new if desired) and the workbook new.