English 3 (Honors English 3)


English III is a two-semester course designed to build skills, knowledge, and competence through the core American literature components of novels, plays, poetry, short stories, essays, and articles. It will prepare students to advance to other levels in both high school and college. This course will help students continue to build expertise in the use of grammar, SAT vocabulary, reading and writing skills, and the ability to analyze and think critically.

There are eight units in the course. In Unit 0, students will begin reviewing grammar components such as the parts of speech and sentence structure, and then incorporate other more advanced rules of grammar. Following the grammar unit, there are seven literature units covering seven main movements in American literature and history. This course will require students to read works in many genres of American literature, write various essays, take SAT vocabulary tests, produce semester projects, and complete various other assignments. Students will gain an understanding of the development of American literature and will exercise their English language skills with close literary analysis of many genres and time periods in our history. A very detailed curriculum map for this course is available at the English 3 class website stated below.

By the end of English III, students will:

  • Possess a broad knowledge of the history and development of American literature.
  • Have an excellent understanding of selected representative texts by major authors of the periods studied.
  • Have a general understanding of the historical and cultural context of the works.
  • Be able to analyze literary texts and present thoughtfully developed ideas in writing and speech.
  • Demonstrate competence in essay organization, writing style and content, grammar mechanics, and use of SAT vocabulary.

Teacher: Alice Hancock

Contact: amhancock7@gmail.com


  • Internet access through a web browser (for access to the instructor’s website)
  • Desire to learn, participate, and stretch


  •  Apologia American Literature and the student workbook