English 2 –World Literature and Composition Skills

Continuing with BJU’s excellent literature textbook, Elements of Literature broadens students’ understanding of literature by focusing on advanced literary concepts. Students will learn the method and the importance of literary analysis by studying pieces from several genres and interpreting them in light of biblical truth. We will cover sound and syntax, allusions and symbols, irony, folktales and epics, short stories, a unit on poetry, and a drama unit focusing on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The textbook promotes critical thinking skills as key to understanding and appreciating literature. Also, a visual analysis section found at the beginning of each unit relates the unit’s topic with the visual arts.

This class pursues more advanced literary concepts while cementing fundamental writing skills necessary for higher level courses.

*Please note that a complete Language Arts program requires additional instruction in grammar and spelling. These are not addressed in this class except as necessary in editing writing assignments.

Teacher: Emily Young    young.em@gmail.com


Elements of Literature Student Text, 2nd Edition (ISBN- 978-1-60682-167-1)

Purchase on Amazon, from Bob Jones directly at www.bjupress.com, or any other discount arena. *Be sure to check out the eTextbook option. This is a lower-cost option, but will require excellent note-taking skills since the student cannot write on the text itself.

Elements of Literature Tests (2nd ed.) (ISBN – 978-1-60682-169-5)