Algebra 1


Algebra 1 provides students with a college-prep math course that will give them the foundation they need to successfully move into higher levels of math. We will cover all of the traditional first-year algebra topics while helping students build higher-order thinking skills, real-world application skills, reasoning, and an understanding of interconnecting math strands. We will focus on algebraic thinking through multiple representations, including verbal, numeric, symbolic, and graphical. We will not be using a graphing calculator this year. Real-world applications and continual practice & review provide the time needed to master each concept, helping students to build confidence in their mathematical abilities.

Teacher: Mindy Black


Students who have not taken a math class at HARC before must take a placement test. Please download this Readiness for Algebra 1. Print the placement test. Have the student take the test to the best of his/her ability without help for accurate placement. Mail the completed placement test to the instructor, Mindy Black, 709 Bahama Ct, Holly Springs, NC 27540. If you have questions, please contact me at


We will be using Saxon Algebra 1, 4th edition (Homeschool Kit) Please make sure it is the 4th edition.