Public Speaking and Persuasive Rhetoric

This class in persuasive rhetoric and communications will introduce students to the skills that are necessary to communicate effectively on a public platform. Rhetorical analysis, practice, and classroom exercises will encourage students to learn how to argue persuasively and winsomely with a decidedly Christian World View. To achieve this goal, students will be asked to analyze, study, learn and practice the skills that are necessary to become effective public speakers. This class will encourage participants to learn how to manage public speaking anxiety, how to better persuade  and influence resistant audiences, and how to use different styles of formal debate to learn the art of argument. Classwork and homework will require students to write and deliver speeches, make and present visual and demonstrative presentations, research opposing viewpoints, and write critiques of each another as they refine their skills at the podium. Pre-requisites: students must have basic writing skills and a desire to become more confident public speakers.

Teacher: Sue Gray