Getting AP Credit for Gileskirk Curriculum

We have just finished going through the process of getting Gileskirk American Culture officially approved with the College Board as an AP US History course. If a family is doing American Culture, they can get the AP approval too, but they have to go through a paperwork process with the College Board to legally list it as such on their own homeschool’s transcript. The process is very straightforward – involves sending in a code to the College Board. I’ve attached instructions on how they can do so.

The deadline for filing with the College Board is 1/31/12, so there’s a little bit of a time issue at hand if a family wants to list the course as AP for this year.

Please see the attached papers to see how to do this and the advantages of having the course approved by the College Board as an AP course.

AP US History Course Audit Instructions

AP US History Syllabus

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