Enjoy a day with the family at Beech Mountain!

For the 2013 winter season, skiing or snow boarding is only $20 per person at Beech Mountain through “Riderschoice”!

Registration details are below:
HOURS: Lift tickets are good from 9:00 am – 10:00 pm! The lift closes from 4:30pm – 6:00pm for grooming.

PRICE: $20.00 per skier or boarder

The price includes: lift ticket, rental equipment (skies or snowboard if desired), one hour group lesson (for ages 8 and up, if desired). Even if you have your own equipment and don’t want a lesson, the price is still $20.00.
*Please don’t openly advertise or brag about this rate to others at Beech Mtn. or outside the homeschooling community. Be thankful and discreet.

WHO: This rate is open to homeschoolers (including parents), their families (including grown children), and their guests. Guests must arrive with the homeschool family who invited them.

REGISTERING: Email reservations to: riderschoicewnc@bellsouth.net (note deadlines for registering)


  • Subject Line: Date you desire to go skiing or snow boarding (ex. Friday, 2-15-13)
  • Body of email: Name of skiers/boarders (participant)
  • -Does the participant need to rent skis/board/ or none
  • *-Does the participant need a lesson and what type (ski or board) and age (min. age is 8 for group lessons)
  • -Does the participant want to reserve a hot lunch for $8 (The hot lunch includes a burger or chicken strips or barbeque sandwich, fries, and medium drink and must be picked up by 3 p.m. on ski day)
  • -A phone number where your group/family can be reached on ski day

*Beech Mnt. & Riderschoice strongly encourage beginners and less experienced skiers & snowboarders to take a lesson.

Example of a typical email:

Subject line: FRIDAY, FEB. 15, 2013)
Body of email:

  • Jon Smith: ski rental, ski lesson (age 12), hot lunch, 828-555-5555
  • Julie Smith: ski rental, no lesson, hot lunch, same phone
  • Jed Smith: snowboard rental, board lesson (age 15), hot lunch, same phone
  • Fred Smith: no rental, no lesson (owns own equipment), no hot lunch, same phone
  • Fran Smith: ski rental, ski lesson (adult), no hot lunch, same phone


  1.   Decide what date you want to attend from the list of posted dates below.
  2.   Email registration to riderschoicewnc@bellsouth.net at least 3 days in advance of ski date.
  3.   Expect an email confirmation of your reservation (if you don’t get an email confirmation then we don’t have you on our list)
  4.   Arrive at Beech on correct date and correct time period with proof of homeschooling with you.

DATES: All dates are weather permitting. Ski season in NC can be short and unpredictable so don’t delay!

  • Sunday, Feb. 3rd, register by Jan. 31st, by 8 pm
  • Wednesday, Feb. 6th, register by Jan. 3rd, by 8 pm
  • Thursday, Feb. 7th , register by Feb. 4th, by 8 pm
  • Friday, Feb. 8th, register by Feb. 5th, by 8 pm
  • Sunday, Feb. 10th, register by Feb.7th, by 8 pm
  • Wednesday, Feb. 13th, register by Feb. 10th, by 8 pm
  • Thursday, Feb. 14th , register by Feb. 11th, by 8 pm
  • Friday, Feb. 15th, register by Feb. 12th, by 8 pm
  • Wednesday, Feb. 20th, register by Feb.17th, by 8 pm
  • Thursday, Feb. 21st, register by Feb. 18th, by 8 pm
  • Friday, Feb. 22nd, register by Feb. 19th, by 8 pm
  • Sunday, Feb. 24th, register by Feb.21st, by 8 pm
  • Wednesday, Feb. 27th, register by Feb.24th, by 8 pm
  • Thursday, Feb. 28th, register by Feb. 25th, by 8 pm
  • Friday, March 1st, register by Feb. 26th, by 8 pm
  • Sunday, March 3rd, register by Feb.27th, by 8 pm

Additional Dates will be added weather permitting. ***If the weather looks questionable (ie: raining and 60 degrees, dangerous and hazardous winds or other weather) and Riderschoice must cancel, one person in your group will get an email and /or a phone call. Please send a number where you can be reached on ski date.

IMPORTANT INFO. from Riders Choice: (Lots of info. Make sure you read it ALL before your ski trip.)

1. Please note that you will not be able to just show up at Beech and be part of the Riderschoice group deal! Glenna Toney is coordinating at Beech and you must e-mail her at the e-mail listed above under “REGISTERING.” If you don’t get an e-mail confirmation, contact Glenna.

2. If you sign up for a date, we are expecting you to show up at Beech Mnt. If for some reason anyone in your group/family can’t make the date you sign up for, please contact Group Sales ASAP at 1-800-438-2093 or
1-828-387-2011. Our discount rate depends on the number of participants! So be sure to keep your group coordinator (if applicable) up-to-date on any changes in your group/family numbers.

3. You must arrive between 8:30 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. for the session and go to Group Sales to pay. YOU MUST BRING CASH or Credit; and if you are renting a snowboard, you MUST bring a debit/credit card to present to the rental window. (You will NOT be charged unless you fail to return your equipment.) BRING YOUR PROOF OF HOMESCHOOLING!

4. PLEASE, get your money together and have ONE person in your family or car load or group bring your money to Group Sales so as to facilitate getting your lift tickets and rental forms. Children should not come to the desk with parents, this is way too confusing.

5. Please list “RIDERSCHOICE” as your group on all rental forms.

6. Helmets are strongly encouraged for your safety and are included in your rental fee!

7. No boards or skis in the building!

8. Put lift ticket in a visible location and on clothing that you are going to wear all day.

9. Picnic lunches are allowed only on the top floor away from the snack bar (no coolers, crock pots, or containers larger than lunch box size).

10. Riderschoice expects to leave a positive image with the staff of Beech Mnt.! Please follow all slope rules! Clean up after yourself and don’t leave trash around the tables. Speak to employees with respect.

11. If you have major problems see Glenna Toney, the Group Sales Manager, or e-mail Glenna Toney.

12. At the end of the ski season we want Beech Mnt. to be happy to invite the homeschool community back again next year! So, please put your best foot forward! We want to be known as the best group to visit the mountain!

13. Be Safe and Have a Great Time!

Riderschoice Coordinators

On occasion, Riderschoice Coordinators have to make the untimely judgement call/decision on whether it is safe or reasonable to be on the slopes on a particular date. We have the burden of all who may be participating on our shoulders. Because of this, we may need to cancel the group for a date. We NEVER cancel a group date at Beech without serious consideration for the safety and well being of ALL in the group in mind. If Riderschoice cancels a date, please rest assured that the slope and driving conditions are not desirable and often are just plain dangerous. While we don’t claim to be “experts” (I think you have to get paid to be an expert), we do have the experience of being on the ski slopes and on the roads to the slopes weekly (for the past 11 years). We use this experience to help us make the decision to take the group or not. If our cancellations have caused you any inconvenience, we deeply apologize.

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