Personal Finance

Course Description

As parents, we know the devastating impact of financial illiteracy:  bankruptcy, broken marriages, high stress levels.  Let me help you show your student the financial impact of their choices.  Along the way, we will cover (and they will get to experience via practice) the following subjects:  Working with Microsoft Excel*, Budgeting, Student Loans and Financial Aid, Career Choice and Payroll, Car Purchase, Home Purchase and Furnishing, Marriage, Children and Divorce, Investments and Retirement Saving, All Types of Insurance.  The class is a journey through the student’s “life” from graduation to their mid 40s.  Each lesson, the student will learn a financial truth and apply it by making a choice that will impact their personal budget.  They will calculate and see their savings rise and fall based on these choices.

*Student must be able to bring laptop loaded with Microsoft Excel to the first 8 classes. No other spreadsheet software is acceptable.

Instructor: Charla McKinley 

Materials Required:  

Student Workbook (purchased separately at

Laptop with MS Excel loaded (needed mandatory for first 8 weeks of class, optional after)