English Grammar and Composition (EGAC)


This is a comprehensive grammar, spelling/vocabulary, and beginning writing course. The class is offered primarily to 8th and 9th grade students.

The grammar curriculum for this course is Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind (red book). This curriculum has been developed to exercise continuous review. Students can expect thorough instruction and practice in all areas of grammar including types of sentences, capitalization, punctuation, diagramming, all parts of speech, clauses, antecedents, modifiers, subject-verb agreement, verb tenses, and much more.
In addition to an extensive grammar focus, this course also provides instruction for writing beginning with the writing process and well-rounded paragraphs. By the end of the year, students will be able to put their writing knowledge into use by writing a five- paragraph essay and a personal narrative, as well as shorter pieces. This course also provides a vocabulary component so that students can grow their vocabulary and put their new words into use through their writing.

This class is worth one credit, and students can expect two to three hours of homework per week for this class.

Instructor: Laurel Solorzano laurelsolorzano@gmail.com

2 Texts:

Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind Workbook (Red)

Writing by Spectrum

You can also find these books on Amazon or at The Homeschool Gathering Place