English Grammar and Composition



This is a comprehensive grammar, spelling/vocabulary, and beginning writing course that
includes literary analysis. This class is offered primarily to 8th and 9th grade students, or any
student who needs to strengthen their basic grammar and writing skills in preparation for future
English classes. Students can expect 2 – 3 hours of homework per week for this class.
The grammar curriculum for this course is Saxon Grammar and Writing 8, the 2nd edition. This
complete curriculum is developed in the classic Saxon model of incremental development and
continuous review. Students can expect thorough instruction and practice in the areas of types
of sentences, capitalization, punctuation, diagramming, active and passive voice, personal
pronouns, adjectives, irregular verbs, appositives, the colon, italics, and many, many more.
In addition to an extensive grammar focus, this course also provides instruction for writing
various essays and papers. We use the Windows to the World curriculum, which is very
efficient for helping students learn valuable writing skills while also providing instruction on
literary analysis as the basis for their writing. The Windows to the World Curriculum includes
instruction in the following topics as the basis for literary analysis and writing: annotation, plot/
suspense, characterization, symbol, theme, setting, mood/tone, irony, parallelism, allusions, and
point of view.
The spelling and vocabulary component of the course includes weekly focus and mastery of
prefixes, root words, and suffixes utilizing the Word Roots curriculum from The Critical Thinking
Company. This curriculum is provided by the instructor through weekly pdf’s and does not need
to be purchased.  This is a two-semester (year) course and counts as 1.0 English credit.

INSTRUCTOR:  Missy Meece


1. Grammar and Writing 8 (Student Text ONLY) by Saxon Publishers (around $35)

2. Windows to the World: An Introduction to Literary Analysis (Student Text ONLY) by IEW
Publishers (around $30)

3. Spelling/Vocabulary (Word Roots Level 1) by The Critical Thinking Company — teacher
supplies weekly pdf (free)