Christian Ethics (One Semester Only)


How do you apply the Scriptures and a biblical worldview to the hot topics of the day? Christian Ethics equips students to engage any hot topic utilizing thoughtful biblical reasoning with the ultimate goal of reaching a decision or position that glorifies God. In short, Christian Ethics as Worship. After laying the foundation for ethical thought and reasoning, we’ll work our way through some of the most contentious issues facing our culture today, such as: abortion, stem cell research/treatment, birth control, war, torture, weapons of mass destruction, euthanasia, physician assisted suicide, capital punishment, cloning, designer babies, human sexuality, welfare, and social justice.

There will be some light reading along with three short position papers. Final grade will be heavily weighted on class participation.

Teacher: Steve Noble


Moral Choices (2nd Ed) by Scott Rae

“Every Good Thing” by Dr. David W. Jones