SAT Test Prep


In order for students to prepare for their best SAT test performance, they must invest their time to practice and plan. Each student’s goal for taking this class is simple: find your best balance between accuracy and efficiency for your best score.
Accuracy includes answering questions correctly. In order to achieve their maximum accuracy, students can expect much instruction and practice for all four required sections of the SAT: reading, writing/ language, math with calculator, and math without a calculator. Efficiency involves answering questions correctly within a certain amount of time. This course instructs students in using and practicing over 40 combined test-taking strategies specific for each section of the SAT in order to help them maximize their efficiency. On test day, students will have greater confidence due to their having completed much practice for each section of the SAT (thus maximizing their accuracy) along with using strategies to help them navigate the test efficiently.
For optimal benefit, it is suggested that students complete math through Geometry and Algebra II for this class. Students can expect 2 – 3 hours of homework to prepare for each class meeting.
This is a one-semester course and counts as 0.5 elective credit.
Instructor: Missy Meece
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