Study Skills for Academic Success


The purpose of this class is to help students develop, practice, and apply skills that will help them achieve academic success in their high school classes and beyond. There are four main areas of focus: understanding how they best learn, organizing their time, taking notes in class and from texts, and studying for tests. The curriculum we use covers a variety of beneficial topics for students.

● VAK Learning Styles
● Study Habits
● Time Management and Using a Planner
● Using Graphic Organizers to Take Notes
● Using Cornell Notes for In-Class Lectures
● Remembering Information Using Pneumonic Devices
● Test-Taking Strategies (including final exam preparation)
● Building Vocabulary Through Context Clues

Students can expect 30 – 45 minutes of homework to prepare for each class meeting. This is a one-semester course and counts as 0.5 elective credit. It is being offered both in the fall and spring semesters.

**This class teaches students how to organize their assignments and time using a planner. The planner used in the class is from Indeme. Follow the link below to order this specific planner.

Instructor: Laurel Solorzano

Texts To Be Purchased:

  1. Black Appointment Book 2023
  2. Study Strategies Made Easy