Lamplighter Guild Summer Program

This summer, from July 15th-20th, Lamplighter Ministries plans to host its second Lamplighter Guild for Creative Disciplines, a catalyst for collaboration, innovation, and compelling instruction between master teachers and apprentices. Students will choose to study either Dramatic or Visual Arts during this time, and each student will be challenged to cultivate a high level of excellence in order to uniquely reflect the image of God in his work and life. This event will be hosted at the world-renowned Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY.

Dramatic Arts students will learn script writing, sound design, music composition, directing, producing, and voice acting from the creative minds and talents behind acclaimed radio theatre productions such as Adventures in OdysseyChronicles of NarniaLes Miserables, andLeft Behind.

Visual Arts students will interact with Mohonk’s spectacular mountaintop in an unforgettable week of visual exploration and creative expression through plein air oil painting.

To learn more, visit Or, consider viewing a short video overview of the event here.

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