Building Faith At Home

I realize that some of you attend other churches or are otherwise not available on Sunday evenings. However, I want to make you aware of a 6 week class Jim Boland and I will be leading on the topic of “Building Faith At Home.” This class will focus on the importance of family in a child’s faith development, and will offer practice help for parents in creating a home environment that draws children toward God. We begin this Sunday, January 8, at 6PM. We will meet in a new room called “The Gallery” which is directly opposite the doors to the Chapel. (This room was formerly a lobby area, right outside the Chapel and directly across the Courtyard from the CBC library.

Your children can enroll in Colonial’s AWANA program, or if they are old enough to sit through it and you want them to participate, they can be in the class with you.

Course Outline:

  • Week 1: “Set The Right Goal“ (Move your focus from behavior that conforms to faith that transforms.)
  • Week 2: “Build a Legacy“ (Build your own faith, because you pass on what you are.)
  • Week 3: “Increase The Likelihood“ (Train up your child for when he is old)
  • Week 4: “Provide Biblical Lenses“ (Don’t be conformed to the world, but redefine “normal” with biblical categories.)
  • Week 5: “Establish an Environment Part 1“ (Creating a home where faith can flourish.)
  • Week 6: “Establish an Environment Part 2“ (Creating a home where faith can flourish.)


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