Chemistry (Honors Chemistry)


This course will use the Spectrum Chemistry curriculum which encourages the student to learn the material prior to class. The focus of the 2-hour class time will be on the lab for that week and an overview of the test book lessons. Grades will be determined by 10 tests and extensive lab write-ups. This class counts as 1 year of honors high school chemistry with a sufficient introduction to college chemistry. This course will include a midterm and final exam. It cannot be over emphasized that a student must be proficient in algebra and able to faithfully do each week’s assignments.  Please evaluate your students’ abilities before registering for this class.

Teacher: Beth Grose


The student must have completed Algebra I and have had substantial background in physical science. This course covers honors level material and requires much math computation. Students must be able to keep up with weekly lessons and assignments.  Labs are very difficult to make up, students are strongly encouraged to not miss classes.


  1. Spectrum Chemistry Textbook
  2. Teachers Helper
  3. Lab Workbook
  4. Calculator that can do Logarithms (TI 83 or 84 plus is highly recommended)
  5. Loose leaf binder to keep graded tests and labs on file
  6. 1 laminated periodic chart

There is a flat $60 lab fee payable the first week of classes.  This covers the cost for the consumable laboratory equipment.

The Spectrum chemistry textbook, Teacher’s Helper and Lab workbook is to be purchased by the family.  These can be found at:    Click on Spectrum and order the textbook 2nd edition, lab workbook and the teacher helper.

For those who would like to have better preparation for the math involved in Chemistry, here is a link to the Bridge Math program. It is a 7-week course that can be done over the summer and covers the main math concepts in preparation for Chemistry.     Click on Bridge math and order the book only.

Group buys can be organized by a participating parent.  If a parent wishes to take on this responsibility email the instructor.