Honors Analysis and Research Writing


This course focuses on the best methods and techniques for a comprehensive understanding and implementation of research, analysis, and presentation. Writing a good research paper is essential at a university level yet so many students do not perform well or are not efficient in their execution of the required tasks. This course covers specific grammar and writing, which are specifically focused on improving research writing. Writing a research paper is different than writing an essay. Additionally, students learn to perform research, analysis, and synthesis of their opinions and conclusions with the research facts as proper and necessary inputs to their papers or presentations. Many college courses require multiple long or short research papers, but many courses also require PowerPoint or Prezi presentations in lieu of or in addition to written papers. This course will equip students to use the same research and analysis methodology for both papers and presentations. It will instruct and give students experience to understand assignments, select topics, execute preliminary research to validate a topic or thesis, develop a project strategy, follow prescribed standards (Turabian, APA, and MLA), conduct specific research, perform analysis of the research, outline and storyboard, and then actually produce papers and presentations. Presentations will be completed using Prezi, which many colleges and universities now use. Therefore, the goal is to prepare students to successfully complete and exceed college level research project assignments. A curriculum map for this course may be viewed at the course website stated below.

Teacher to be identified.


  • This course is for students in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12.
  • Internet access through a web browser (for access to the instructor’s website and online assignments)
  • Desire to learn, participate, and stretch


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