SpeakOut Policies

Club Attendance

Regular attendance is expected of both students and parents (one parent per family).  Parents will be provided with instruction and training before being plugged into a role of service during club.  The majority of these roles require little to no outside preparation. The parent of speech-only or debate-only students will only be required to attend club meetings with their child on the corresponding weeks.  A parent with students in both speech and debate will be required to attend all weeks.

Club Communications

All announcements including club meetings, tournament information and other events will be communicated through email using the Speak Out NC Google group.  Families are responsible for checking email regularly to stay informed.  The moderator will send you an invite to join this group.

Club Code of Conduct

Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him [Col 3:17]

  1. All club members are to exhibit a kind, polite and respectful attitude toward others at all times and to behave in a manner that brings glory and honor to God.
  2. All club members are required to stay within the geographical boundaries set by the administration of the facilities we use and are to strictly adhere to all established rules/regulations.
  3. If a student is disrespectful, uncooperative or disruptive, the student will be given one warning. If the behavior continues the parents will be consulted. Habitual problems will result in dismissal from the club.
  4. Personal conflicts will be resolved according to Matt 18:15-17, whereby the offended goes “directly” to the offender to resolve the issue, refraining from gossip and rumor.

Club Facility 

We are grateful to Colonial Baptist Church for allowing us the use of their facility, and we expect Club members to treat all people and the property with the utmost honor and respect. Parents are financially responsible for any damage to the facilities caused by their children.

Club Attire

The spirit of the dress code is modesty and professionalism with the intent to glorify Christ.  The goal is to minimize the focus on the body or outward appearance and maximize the focus on the development of ideas and communication skills. 


  • spaghetti straps or skimpy tank tops (minimum 2” shoulder strap width)
  • short tops or low rise bottoms that expose skin around the middle area 
  • tight or revealing clothing
  • short skirts or shorts
  • sagging pants 
  • offensive slogans
  • visible undergarments, including straps and boxer shorts 

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