SEEK Preference Submission

I have reviewed the below Preference Submission instructions and am ready to submit my preferences.

Preference Submission Instructions: 

Login Page:

  • Last Name: Your family’s last name exactly as listed in last semester’s directory or as submitted on your waiting list application if you are a new applicant.
  • Password: The birthdate of your oldest child that participated in SEEK last semester or as submitted on your waiting list application if you are a new applicant.

Family Information Page:

Review all information and click EDIT to update if necessary.   All fields are required.  Enter N/A if appropriate.

  • Name  (please only indicate the first name of the parent that will be attending SEEK each week)
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Mobile Phone
  • Email Address
  • Emergency Contact Name
  • Emergency Contact Phone
  • Home Church

Edit, delete or add any children that will participate in SEEK this semester.

When your family information is updated, click on Proceed to Group Preferences at the bottom of the page.

Group Preferences Page:

Available groups will be listed per participant, based on birthdate.

Bible Studies

Rank groups with (1) being your first choice, (2) your second, etc.

You may list as many choices as you prefer for your Bible Study.  Select the number (0) for any groups that you definitely do not want.  If all ranked groups are not available you will be assigned a personal hour.

**If you definitely do not want to participate in a Bible Study, ONLY rank Personal Hour as a (1) and all other groups as a (0).

Service Hour Preferences (only for returning members that are not leading a group and new applicants)

Rank your preference for where you would like to serve by department.  All choices must be ranked 1 to 5.   If you would like to serve in the nursery, a Nursery Notes box is provided to briefly indicate which age group or child you would like to serve with.

**Note:  We will not consider specific group or child requests for school age group assistants.  Any information other than nursery preferences will be disregarded.

Nursery Children

Select the number (1) for each hour your child will be in the nursery.  If for some reason your child will only be in the nursery for one hour, select (0) for the hour this child will not be in the nursery.

Children’s Groups

Rank groups with (1) being your first choice, (2) your second, etc.

ALL groups must be ranked each hour for each of your children.

Only select the number (0) for a group that you will not accept under any circumstances.  We strongly suggest that you rank all groups with a number other than zero, particularly if you are a new applicant.

**Note:  If a (0) ranked group is the only remaining choice your family will not be able to register and we will move on to the next family in line.  We will not stop the registration process and call you to ask for additional information.

Click RANK when you are finished.

Group Preference Submitted Page:

If your submission was accepted, the Group Preference Submitted message will appear at the top of the next page.  Review all the information on this page to confirm that it is correct.

We strongly suggest that you print this page by clicking PRINT.  A printed copy of this page will be the only accepted proof of your submission should an error in your submission occur.

Making Changes:

You can make changes to your submission at any time during the open submission period.  The program will remember your previous submission and show that information when you log back in.

Each new submission will delete and replace the previous submission.

**Once the open submission period has closed, no changes to preferences will be accepted.

Need help?

Send an email to if you have any login or submission issues or questions.

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