Foundations of Freedom

UPDATE: Steve notified me that his classes are filling up. I am sending this one more time so that members of Colonial Homeschoolers have an opportunity to attend. Below is the message from Steve:



It’s official! I am teaching Foundations of Freedom at Colonial on Tuesdays from 1:00-2:30pm. Thank you, Colonial Baptist! The class overview is attached and should answer most of your questions. I hope that works for most of you! If not, I am so sorry…but you can always join one of the N. Raleigh classes. They meet on Monday or Tuesday from 10:00-11:30am at Bayleaf Baptist Church. The Colonial class will fill quickly and I want to cap it at 2o students, so please let me know if you are IN as soon as possible!

I need your student’s name and grade and which class you want to enroll in. Also, don’t forget the $50 deposit…then, here are the rest of the payment options:

  • Pay in full prior to first class? Balance is $300 ($50 discount off regular price for pre-payment)
  • Pay in full prior to first class with multiple siblings in the class.  Balance is $270 each ($80 discount off regular price, each)
  • Pay in two installments (beginning of each semester)? Balance is $175/semester/student (no discounts)

Please make your check payable to Steve Noble and mail to: P.O. Box 99162, Raleigh NC 27624. I can also take credit cards through my radio ministry @ !

I’m excited about what the Lord is going to do through these classes and consider it an honor to work with you and your children!

In His Service & Yours,
Steve Noble


This is a high school level study on the foundations and function of the
American system of government, including:

  • Foundations: Our Christian Heritage, the Founding Fathers, Forms of
  • Government, The Meaning of Democracy and a Representative Republic.
  • The Constitution: The Beginnings of our Constitution, Constitutional Cornerstone, and Federalism.
  • Party Politics: History of the Two-Party System, Campaign & Elections, Public Policy & Politics, and Civic Responsibilities & Activism.
  • Branches of Government: Legislative, Executive, Judicial, Separation of Powers, Responsibilities, andInner Workings.
  • The Bible on Government: God’s Prescriptions for Good Governance, Christian Citizenship, and Christian Statesmanship.

 This course will utilize the American Government curriculum from Bob Jones University as well as many other supplemental resources. Activities will include guest speakers (elected officials), visits to the NC Legislature as well as the NC Supreme Court, mock elections, campaign design & messaging, and volunteering for active campaigns prior to the November 2012 elections.

 Your Teacher

Steve Noble is the Chairman of Called2Action, the Christian grassroots political action organization he founded in 2004. He is also the host of Called2Action Today, the only Christian talk radio show in the Triangle. As the Chairman of C2A, Steve has mobilized tens of thousands of local Christians to engage in the political system as well as many other Kingdom endeavors such as The Truth Project, the 2007 Harvest Crusade with Pastor Greg Laurie, and the Convoy of Hope inner city outreach.

Steve has worked alongside my prominent national organizations such as Focus on the Family, American Family Association, Family Research Council, TurningPoint with Dr. David Jeremiah, and the Stand for the Family Rallies featuring Dr. James Dobson. Steve has been featured in various media outlets both locally and nationally including CBS Evening News, the BBC, and CNN.

Steve holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Illinois and is currently working on a Masters in Christian Ethics at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Steve and his wife Gina have homeschooled their four children since 2003. Steve’s teaching style is infectious and ranges from hilarious to intense. He taught adult Sunday school at Bay Leaf Baptist for 4 years and currently teaches 11th grade boys in the youth program.

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