HARC Meet and Greet & Used Book Sale

June 26 th 7:00 p.m.  Thursday

  • Bring your textbooks, that are used in HARC classes (no books outside HARC curriculum will be accepted!)  with your name and price taped securely to the front top left cover of the book.
  • Have an envelope inside the book with your name on it and cell number.
  • You must be present to sell books.
  • Upon arrival to Corners on Thursday, place your book in the appropriately labeled subject pile that is alphabetically arranged and the book team will inspect your books and put the books on the teacher tables* or leave them at the drop off area for you to buy after the meeting.  (*TBD)  When you find the book you want to buy, put your payment in the envelope and bring both ( book and payment ) to the book team to make the transaction.   When you leave the premises retrieve your unsold books and payment envelope from the book team.
  • *Buyer is responsible for securing correct edition that the HARC class requires.


Kim Pohlig  919-602-5766